Adult tap class 2016! My Finest Suit

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No one should limit themselves to what they learned as a child!  We all deserve to continue to enjoy life!  Dance gives us that opportunity!

Each year we offer adults the opportunity to start or continue dancing!  Class is so much more than just learning new steps, it is creating friendships and supporting each other!

Winter/Spring Class  January 8, 2018-June 3, 2018

Wednesday 7-7:45          Tap          $8.00 per drop in class
Thursday 7:15-8:00          Jazz          $8.00 per drop in class

Our adult classes are recreational.  Students learn choreography for routines and can choose whether to join in our annual recital.

Summer Session Classes!

June 11-18 and July 9-26

Tap   Tuesday 7:30-8:15       $8.00 per drop in class            Jazz    Thursday 7-7:45       $8.00 per drop in class

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