Analise (Dancer)-“I love going to dance because I get to have fun with my friends.  Which is totally different than friends at school.  I like kids at school, but my dance friends are The Best!  I can be myself with them!”

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Help your child expand their horizons, gain self-confidence, and find their true potential! Let the journey begin!

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Precious Gems Preschool Dance

Precious Gems Preschool Dance gives tiny treasures the opportunity to sparkle as they gain confidence twirling through secret gardens, enchanted forests and much more! Check out our Precious Gems page for more information and a schedule!

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Ballet is considered the basis for all types of dance. Your child will learn proper technique while enjoying the beauty of ballet movement and grace.

Gabby (Dancer)-“I started dance here in 7th grade.  I hadn’t danced since I was in 3rd grade and I improved so much after one year!  I never thought about becoming a tap dancer until Ms. Lori suggested it to me.  Now I am told I am one of the cleanest tappers here! I improved so much as a dancer.  There is still so much that I need to learn and I thank CDN for giving me this opportunity to do so!”

Hip Hop

Hip Hop utilizes aspects of jazz combined with crisp movements set to today’s music. Your child will reach their athletic potential matching movement to music, enjoying their journey as they delve into the world of dance.

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Jazz is a style of dance that includes everything from what is seen on Broadway to what is done in music videos. Your child will gain confidence on their way to knowing themselves better and becoming self confident individuals. They will learn to appreciate music and lyrics as they reach beyond themselves to become the best they can be!

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Lyrical is a jazz style using contemporary music to express emotions. Your child will combine emotions with musicality, painting pictures of the lyrics through the beautiful movement that dance instruction provides.

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Tap accentuates the rhythm of music through footwork. Your child will use their feet, demonstrating what the music is telling them through sounds and expressions. It is truly a unique way for your child to gain confidence in their abilities to be one with music.


Modern is a form that makes the dancer one with the music in every aspect of the dance. Your child will dig into the deeper meaning of music and lyrics through movement and expression. Their self confidence will bloom as they learn how to express themselves through music.


We are now offering tumbling again!  Upgrade your strength, flexibility, and flying skills!  Join our tumbling for dancers and add that special something to your choreography!