Jessica (Dance Mom)-“Such great instructors and fun routines!  Very caring, we are a big dance family here!”

Our yearly tuition is set up as monthly installments for a semester.  Our first semester has 18 weeks.  Therefore August tuition will be half of the regular tuition for each class.  September, October, November, and December will be full tuition months as there are 16 weeks total in those months.

Summer Tuition

Class Length                     Monthly Tuition

30 minutes                       $22.00

45 minutes                      $30.00

60 minutes                       $42.00

75 minutes                       $50 .00

90 minutes                      $60.00

Fall/Winter/Spring Tuition

         Class Length                Monthly Tuition

30 minutes                            $30.00

45 minutes                             $40.00

60 minutes                             $55.00

75 minutes                              $65.00

90 minutes                              $80.00

A 10% discount is given after the first class for multiple classes or multiple family members taking class.  Tuition is due the last week of the month for the following month.  Tuition that is not paid before the first of the month may be subject to a late fee.

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Adult classes are $8.00 weekly and are charged when you come as they are considered drop in classes.

There is also a $25.00 individual annual registration fee, or a $45.00 annual family registration fee.

Cinder (Dance Mom)-“Wonderful Studio! Fantastic People!  I looked at several studios when I first moved here from Los Angeles, Creative DanceN’ staff  were the only teachers that were friendly and classes are reasonably priced.  The teachers really care about each student’s individual growth!”

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There is a family discount of 10% off all classes after the first class.

The yearly registration fee is $25.00 per individual or $45.00 per family.