Olivia (Dancer) – “I love being a part of this studio.  I have grown so much as both a dancer and a person since I started taking classes here.”

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Our Values

As parents, we want our children to become self-confident, successful, and proud of who they are as individuals.  As dance teachers, we strive to instill these same things in each of our students.  It is important to us at Creative DanceN’ that each student strives to achieve their individual best.  Your child will have their own ambitions and their own set of goals, each attainable, so they leave each week with a sense of accomplishment and pride.   Smiling faces and delight is our mission!  The joy of dance manifests itself in each of us when we see our students thrive!

Christina (Dance Mom) – “I am so thankful that dance is part of my daughter’s growing experiences.  It gives her friends without judgement and coaches that continuously challenge her to find her best self.  In a world where being a teenage girl is harder than ever…dance gives her motivation to meet challenges and confidence/acceptance of herself.  Such a gift!

Performance Opportunities

Each year our students have a variety of venues in which to showcase what they have learned. The most significant is our end of the year recital, usually scheduled for the weekend after Memorial Day. Although not mandatory, all students are encouraged to participate as it helps to promote self-confidence and gives each a sense of accomplishment. Each class performs one routine they have been practicing in class.

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