Art Classes

Art comes in many forms! We have always been lucky to be able to share our love of dance at Creative DanceN’! Now, we are adding more! Water colors and comic book artistry for your child! Check out these classes! All are offered at O’Brien Rec Center on the south side of South Bend.

Classes are taught by Creative DanceN’ employees who want to share another aspect of their talents with you!

  • Art with Ms Evie: Water Color Focus Students will be introduced to the medium in the first class and be taught how to properly care for the materials. They will also be introduced to the process of transferring an image. Their practice piece will use the techniques of resist, wet on wet, wash, absorb, splatter, and wet on dry. Once they have practiced on their original piece, they will then begin another piece. Family and friends will be able to view the students’ works after the last class in an art show! Don’t miss this opportunity!
  • Create a Comic Book with Mr Dre Students will learn so much about the artistry of comic book design! They will be taught how to create a character, tell their story, and deliver it all in comic book form. The essence of paneling, the importance of character development, and finally putting it all together in an engaging way for their readers! On the last day, they will share their art and story with family and friends!

Everything you need to participate is included in the fees. (paper, water colors, brushes, markers, pencils, etc.)