Diamonds (Advanced 13 and up) are our
most advanced dancers. Your child will be able
to really relate to every aspect that dance offers,
turning their movements into stories.
Confidence will improve, joy will permeate, and
your child will become part of the dance.

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Jazz/Contemporary 5:45-7:30 pm. Class Dress Code- Tan jazz shoes, leotard (any color), dance shorts or leggings, a camisole top may be worn over leotard. Tights should be worn in colder weather. Hair should be pulled back in a ponytail or bun.


Tap 4:45-5:45pm. Class Dress Code- Girls– tan tap shoes, slip-on, tie up or Mary Jane style, leotard, camisole top, or tank, dance shorts or leggings (no long pants or sweats) Boys– black tap shoes, shorts, and t-shirt.

Ballet 5:45-7:15pm. Class Dress Code- Pink split sole canvas ballet slippers, black leotard, pink tights. Hair should be in a bun.

Pointe 7:15-8:15pm.

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