Jades (beginner 7- 9-year-olds) continue
their journey after they have mastered their
opal level or are beginners who are a little older
when they get the amazing opportunity to join
dance! Your child can enjoy Jazz, Hip Hop,
Ballet, Tumbling, Lyrical, and Tap! Since
Jades are a little older than Opals, the learning
the process is accelerated and more engaging steps
are added! They will still swirl and twirl, tap
and jump, but with added style and

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Tap 5:45-6:15 pm. Class Dress Code- Black tap shoes, shiny or matte finish. Girls– leotards (any color, with or without a skirt) Tights should be worn in the colder months. May add shorts or leggings (no long pants or sweats) Boys– t-shirt and shorts. If students are not wearing tights, they need to wear socks in order to prevent blisters.

Jazz 6:15-7 pm. Class Dress Code- Black jazz shoes, leotard (any style or color, with or without a skirt), shorts, or leggings may be worn over leotard. Tights should be worn In colder weather. Hair should be pulled back into a ponytail or bun.

Ballet 7-7:45pm. Class Dress Code- Pink split sole canvas ballet slippers, black leotard, pink tights. Hair should be in a bun.

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