Parent Handbook

Covid Policies:

All students 4 years old and older will wear a mask in class.  Students without a mask will be asked to purchase one at the desk or they will not be allowed to participate that day.  Masks are $2 and the fee can be added to parent accounts.  Hand sanitize will be given to all students unless we are notified of an allergy.  These students will be required to use the bathroom immediately and wash their hands with soap.

Our lobby will be closed until this is over.  Parents who need to come in must wear a mask and sanitize their hands when they enter.

Parents of 2-3 year olds may bring their child to the classroom but they must wear a mask and sanitize their hands.

Any parent who is aware their child has been exposed, or whose child is showing symptoms of the virus are asked to contact us and keep their child home for 14 days.  They will be offered a make up day and time.   If any member of the family has been exposed and not tested, or tested positive, we ask that you keep your child home for 14 days.  Make up classes will be offered.


Good communication is KEY to a wonderful dance experience for YOU and YOUR CHILD!


  • We email monthly statements, important dates reminders and deadlines, and additional dance opportunities.
  • If you do not have access to email- please let us know!
  • We also have a Facebook  page  Please share pictures and videos of your child/ren or tag us with #creativedancen.  We love to see your students performing and showing their skills in other locations!

It is the parent’s responsibility to check email for reminders, updates, deadlines, and balance due.

Studio Text Alerts
: The studio offers text alerts- for closings, emergencies, etc. Please opt in for this service when you get the email. The alerts are specific for YOUR family and the classes you are registered for. You may opt in from any phone that you would like to get the alerts!


Please contact the studio if you have moved, change your phone number, dropped your home phone, want to change your emergency contact, or have any new medical or health concerns.

Please direct all inquiries, including notification that a student will miss class, to the contact methods below.


Phone: 574-299-0166

Messenger: Creative DanceN’ Facebook page and message.

Email is the fastest and preferred method of communication.

Meeting with Instructors:

We value your satisfaction with our program and take your concerns seriously, however our instructors have a very tight schedule and have limited time to talk between classes. If you have a matter that requires a phone or personal appointment with one of our instructors, please request an appointment through our front desk staff, Ms. Paula or Ms. Rosanne.. In general, appointment times are limited to 15-30 minutes.
We also ask that you respect the instructor’s private time by NOT calling, texting, emailing or Facebook messaging them directly about dance related matters.


Classes & Opportunities:

We love to work with dancers and families to meet your individual goals. Please inquire if you are interested in these dance opportunities.

  • Weekly Classes (All Dance Styles)
  • Competitive Classes
  • Individual private lessons

All of our dance classes focus on sequential learning to safely develop dancers physically and mentally from beginning levels through more advanced and more technical classes. Dancers can expect to spend 2 years in each level to master the elements and improve performance quality before being promoted to the next level.

Attendance is taken at the start of each class. One student’s excessive absence or tardiness can affect an entire class. As long as your child is healthy, it is best if they do not miss class. If a student has to miss a class for any reason, contact the studio. No refunds will be offered for missed classes. We do understand that mandatory school functions do happen.  Please let us know when these arise so we can properly edit attendance as excused.

Health Issues:
If your child has any health related concerns that the staff should be aware of, please contact the office. If your child has an elevated temperature, missed a day of school for illness, head lice, or any other infectious disease, please be considerate of the other students and staff and keep them home. This will help reduce the spread of illness throughout the studio.

Please drop your children off 5 minutes before the class is to begin and pick them up promptly after their class is dismissed. We suggest that parents come into the studio on a regular basis to stay up to date by reading our bulletin board and asking any questions you may have.

Please take your dancer to the restroom before his/her class time. Dancers that leave class to potty not only miss out on class time but distract the class from their lesson. Dance teachers can not leave class unattended to help your dancer in the restroom. If your child is in a preschool class, we ask that you remain in the studio for the duration of their class.  If you do plan on leaving, please let us know so we can be prepared should a potty break be required.  If you can designate another parent in the waiting room to help your child, we would appreciate that!


Holiday Vacation Schedule:

Listed below are the days that the studio will be closed for Holiday vacations.

Should the studio close any other days, every effort will be made to notify students as soon as possible. Please opt in to text alerts;

2020-2021 Holiday Schedules: No class dates

Sept.7: Labor Day

Nov.  24-26: Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 21 – Jan. 3: Christmas Break
(Class resumes Jan 4)

April 5 -9:  Spring Break

May 31: Memorial Day

Saturday, June 5 or Sunday, June 6, 2021: Annual Dance Recital


The studio will close classes due to inclement weather we feel the student could not safely come to class.  We will send out text messages and emails to parents if we plan on closing due to weather.  We will also update our Facebook Page.  Please check your email or facebook page for any reminders of cancellations. We also recommend that you opt in for text alerts to get any last minute cancellations! These text alerts are specific to YOUR dancer’s classes. 🙂



The use of social media is commonplace and can be a positive way to promote Creative DanceN’ and your own dancer. The policies listed below are intended to serve as guidelines regarding how to use social media in a positive and encouraging manner. Never tag other students or parents without getting their approval first.

  • Never post anything that could compromise the self esteem of students who attend Creative DanceN’ or any other dance studio or student.
  • Never post any negative comments about Creative DanceN’ or its instructors, performances, or events. Likewise, never post any negative comments about a fellow student or peer.
  • If you post videos of class or rehearsal, do not post choreography in its entirety.
  • Please use #Creativedancen or @creative.dancen when posting about or from our studio.
  • Please note that improper use of social media in any capacity may be grounds for dismissal of a parent or student


Why do we have a dress code?
Instructors need to be able to see students’ arms, legs, hip and knee joints, and muscles to insure proper movements are being made, to prevent injury, and to give proper correction to form. Dance styles have different dress codes to bring out the best in that dance style. You can see what is required for each level of dance on our website under Dress Code.  This also provides a link to our online store.  You can see what is available through our store for each class as well as purchase the required shoes and tights.  We can fit for these items at the studio.  All merchandise will be shipped directly to your home.

  • Dancers must wear t shirts, tanks, or jackets when not in the dance room if they are wearing a sports bra for class. 
  • No dance shoes should be worn outside.
  • Dancers should also wear proper outside wear- (Jackets/Warm ups/sweats) in colder months or to keep the body warm before they begin dance class.



Tuition will be automatically taken on the 25th of the month prior to attendance. We do require autopay for all families.  If you are not registered for autopay you will need to do this through the parent portal.  Autopay that is rejected will have a $5.00 fee added to the account. If you will not be returning, please inform our front desk so we can remove autopay before the 25th.  Tuition may be paid monthly, per “semester” or annually, discounts are available for semester and annual payments.

 Dropping/Changing Class:

Need to drop a class, add a class, or switch classes?  Written or email notice is required by the 25th of the month to avoid being charged tuition for the following month.  This allows us time to offer that class space to another student. Students will be charged monthly tuition until written notice is given to drop class. Any dancer that doesn’t attend class for 2 months will be dropped from the roster.


Our studio does offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We believe in our dance studio and our instructors. Guarantee is available one time, and is open to new dancers in their first calendar month. If your dancer decides during his or her first month that dance is not for them- We’ll give you a 100% money back guarantee. You have to promise us that you’ll keep us posted along the way if they are “not feeling it.” We can always try a different dance style, or it may be just a quick conversation that clears up any concerns. We cannot honor the refund for a dancer that stops showing up without notice.

  • Aside from the previous mentioned offer- No refunds will be given for snow days, holidays, or other missed classes. Contact the instructor or studio for opportunities to attend makeup classes.
  • Registration and costume fees are non-refundable. Costumes will only be given to dancers that have a zero balance on their account.


All students who wish to perform in our annual recital will need to purchase a costume.  Costume costs range from $43-$60 depending on the class.  Sapphire classes are $60-$70 since the students will have variations so they can perform in both tap and ballet dances in the recital.  All other classes will have individual costumes for each class.

Accounts will have these fees automatically posted by October 1.  Costumes must be paid in full by January 31.  Installments can be made toward costume fees.


The guidelines below will allow you to be a successful dance student and participant in the dance classroom:

  • Arrive on time and be prepared to dance.
  • Dress appropriately, following the dress code.
  • No gum or food in the dance studios. You may bring a closed water bottle.
  • Dancers should leave cell phones in their bags on silent so as to not disturb the class.
  • If you arrive early, please stretch and warm up to prepare for class.
  • Dancers need to be mindful about how they enter the dance studio. Enter in a manner that is respectful to the studio, the teacher and the other dancers.
  • Dancers should be certain to use the bathroom before class and make an effort not to leave class to use the restroom. If absolutely necessary, the student should wait until the break between the warm-up and center floor work to ask permission to use the bathroom.
  • Be respectful to your teacher and all studio staff members and volunteers.
  • Respect other dancers. Be aware of your personal space. Refrain from correcting others. (Giving corrections is the teacher’s job.)
  • Be attentive at all times, especially when waiting for your turn.
  • Beware of negative body language (like folded arms) and never sit down unless you are asked to sit. If you are sitting, or sitting out due to an injury, sit tall. Never lie down.
  • Be alert to all corrections give to you and the other students in class.
  • Maintain a positive attitude. During class is not the time to voice your opinion about anything, unless your teacher asks for it. When students criticize and complain during class, it not only disrupts the teacher’s instruction, it creates an air of negativity which is difficult for the instructor and other students to recover from.
  • Thank your teacher after class. It is a tradition in dance classes to thank your teacher after class for giving you their knowledge and energy. It is a sign of respect and teaches children that dancing is a privilege.
  • Review the social media policy and use social media only in ways that are positive and encouraging to both the studio and your fellow dancers.


Annual Recital is our main performance each year. It’s a wonderful way for your dancer to take the stage and have his or her moment in the spotlight- showing family and friends everything they have learned and mastered through the dance year.  It’s truly a magical day. We like to keep things as simple and stress free as possible. Planning and communication are the way we ease the recital jitters!

Recital Packets will be handed out after Spring Break- recital packet includes class photoshoot schedule and photoshoot hair and make up details, optional order forms, information about recital sign up sheets and volunteers, and any other information you need to help plan for the exciting time. Actual recital performance order will be shared in May.

The recital is typically held the weekend after Memorial Day.

Tickets will be available for purchase after spring break. They will be available for purchase on line only through our website, parent portal and Facebook page.  No tickets will be available for purchase at the venue.  However, since tickets are purchased electronically, they can be purchased on site and we will scan the QR code directly from a phone or other smart device.

 Professional Dance Pictures will be taken in May at the studio.  You are not required to purchase these photos, but we do ask that your child attend the class time so we can showcase them on our wall!  Schedules for pictures will be given out right after spring break in April.



Creative DanceN’ does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that all dance students be covered by their own insurance policies. If injury occurs, it is understood that the student’s own policy is the only source of reimbursement. Dancers must complete a parent waiver to participate in any studio activity.

 Choreography and Copyright:

Creative DanceN’ choreography is protected by national copyright laws and requires that all students and families obtain permission before using any routines outside the studio for personal events. All choreography is property of Creative DanceN’. These laws also prevent the public from videotaping the studio’s annual recital and dress rehearsal without the expressed written consent of the owner. Video and photos at dance competitions are also not allowed.