Precious Gems Preschool Dance

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Your Precious Gems will have a treasure trove of opportunities to glow with confidence as they sparkle, twirling and giggling around the room. Dancing feet and tapping toes will take them on magical journeys exploring enchanted forests, unlocking secret gardens, and much more! This is where their dance journey begins!

Melissa (Dance Mom) – “Brooklynn (3 yrs) absolutely LOVES coming to dance class!  After each class she counts down the days until the next one!”

Rubies ready for Fruit Salad!

Precious Gems Preschool Dance Schedule


Rubies (2-3 ½ yr olds)

I’ve Got A Dog! This makes the Rubies so happy!

Rubies sparkle and shine in our special preschool room, complete with an enchanted mural including Sparkles the Unicorn, Ms. Lisa the Dance Fairy, and a castle full of magical friends!  Moving constantly to music, rubies learn to skip, gallop, take turns, follow the leader, and use their imaginations, making this the high light of their week!

Wednesday Morning 9-9:30 AM

Wednesday Evening 5:30-6 PM

Thursday Evening 5:30-6 PM

Class size is very limited this season! Register early!

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Sapphires (3 ½-4 yr olds)

We love My Little Pony!

Once your child can move to music, why not add taps to their feet?  Yes, then they can make even more music!  Splitting the 45 minute class between tap and ballet, you child will spin, leap, skip, and create rhythms with their shoes!  Smiling and asking when their next dance class, you will see them grow in confidence!

Wednesday Morning 9:45-10:30 AM

Wednesday Evening 6:15-7 PM

Thursday Evening 6:15-7 PM

All Precious Gems wear their most beautiful dancewear with their hair pulled back so we can watch their eyes sparkle! Rubies swirl around in ballet slippers while Sapphires twirl in ballet slippers and tap shoes!

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